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I previously filed a complaint regarding Capital One and their refusal to do a chargeback relative to $2,000 charged to my account by a predatory internet marketing program run by John Raygoza called Inc Fortune. There are numerous other programs that have been originated by John Raygoza as well. Please see the following update:

UPDATE!!! As previously noted, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the internet fraud victims of John Raygoza and his minions who literally stole money via credit cards, bank accounts, etc., from unsuspecting individuals, many elderly and/or disabled, for a supposed internet marketing course which was actually nothing more than a premeditated moneymaking scheme by unscrupulous crooks. Please go to this link to access the lawsuit and multiple allegations levied against John Raygoza and his cohorts.

Press Release: />

Lawsuit Access:

Again, please do not get involved with any program associated with John Raygoza or any of his associates. Thank you.

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